Indian Branch Park Campground is now under new ownership and is operating under the name Roamers Beach RV Resort.  Please be patient as we complete the transition between owners.  Our goal is to make this process transparent to our guests and the booking process as seamless as possible.    Thank you and happy camping!

2021 Camping Rates

Seasonal Rates

i Fees based on 5 month season for 1 or 2 persons.

ii Group I – Additional persons shall be any of the following dependent relatives of the first 2 campsite occupants:  (a) unmarried minor children ages 4 thru 17, (b) elderly non-working parent, (c) disabled child over age 18.  Additional person rate is $150.

iii Group II – Additional persons shall be any other person not included in Group I.  The name of each extra person will be registered on the campsite agreement.  Either of the first 2 campsite occupants or an extra person may be substituted with payment of the Daily Guest Fee.  Additional person rate is $250.

iv  Seasonal renters will be charged for the electricity the consume based on the site’s meter.

Winter Ground Rent (9/30/18 to 4/29/19) is $210.

Winter Storage Fees are due at time of fall deposit.

Second Camping Unit is NOT PERMITTED.

QUIET HOURS – 10 pm – 7 am

All rates are subject to change.